Snow in Sepia

I awoke this morning to find snow falling – the weatherman says it will add up to just a few inches. My winter wonderland backyard and the view from the top of my garden window looked so pretty-even when I changed it to sepia. Enjoy your day whatever weather you have where you are!001


26 thoughts on “Snow in Sepia

  1. So I see you did get snow I guess it is going to all miss us from what the weather report said last night. What beautiful pictures and your yard certainly does look like a winter wonderland. The sepia tone added even more beauty to the pictures…love them. Have a great weekend sweet friend. Hugs


    • You make me laugh- I am counting the days until spring and happy this was just a clipper that came and went! I hope you do get it seeing as you enjoy it- I guess it makes it feel more like winter 🙂


  2. Although I no longer ski, our Troop is going to Killington this weekend. They rented a house with a hot tub. I am the weekend chef. And while they are on the slopes I will soak and think. Or not, I may just soak. I haven’t blogged in a month because of writers block. Maybe a weekend in Vermont in a hot tub will get me rolling again.


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