Always Looking Up

I am not making reference to optimism here, but rather to keeping my eyes looking upward to the tops of the trees and the sky to see what is there.

Sometimes it will be rain clouds with the sun setting behind them over a bay.driscollbridge3Or giant puffs of clouds with the sun attempting to break through
013Maybe a seagull will fly by at just the right moment to capture him with the lens102Or perhaps as it happened today, from the bank of the river where I was standing I looked across and up and saw this009Looking at the tree in the center of the photo I saw what looked liked something perched there, I zoomed in with my camera and much to my delight I saw this1Thinking it was some kind of Hawk I took a few more shots4

013Only to get home and Google “Hawks of NJ” to find out this was not a Hawk, but a Juvenile Bald Eagle! Not trusting Google, I emailed my friend who is the President of the Audubon Society for our County and asked him, and he concurred.

I intend to keep my eyes to the sky, you never know who may just be looking down at me too!023

24 thoughts on “Always Looking Up

  1. love that shot of the one in flight jest awesome,,,,an yes when i flyu i lewk up a lot , at my wing that is to make sure it is all okay! evr now an again :).


  2. Wowie zowie. I’ve seen these guys, but never had a camera when I did. Great stuff. They are so BIG, aren’t they? Kind of hard to mistake them for anything but an eagle. Even in their juvenile plumage. FYI, whenever you see a beak that big and hooked, it’s an eagle. And if you are near a river or lake, it’s probably a Bald Eagle. They’ve been expanding their range in the past decade and are no longer rare. Congratulations on your first eagle. It’s a big one for birders 🙂

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    • Thanks for sharing in my excitement Marilyn!! In looking at photos of hawks and eagles I now see the distinct difference. I really surprised myself when I realized that beak was not matching any on the hawk photos! I think for those of us who grew up hearing about the extinction of bald eagles it is really thrilling to see them now- and yes they are HUGE! My friend at the Audubon Society told me their head don’t turn white until they are 4 years old.


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