What A Different Life It Was & Would Be

The Daily Prompt asks: Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

No computer? You can never go back, my friends. My computer does not just function as a computer with writing programs and photo editing programs- it connects me to the outside world by allowing me to access the Internet. No computer=no internet, and that would be a problem. No Google to get immediate answers to everything and anything you need to know? No Facebook to stay connected with the 600 childhood friends you thought you would never see again, let alone know almost every intimate detail of their life from the time you lost touch up until the present? Not knowing what everyone ate for dinner because they just had to post that perfect plate of mashed potatoes? No place to upload the thousands of photos I have taken?

I suppose life without a computer would mean more reading books and magazines, playing games, taking time to sit down and play the piano or guitar. More walks than I take already, a cleaner house as I wouldn’t have the distraction keeping me from the dust.

Life was simpler before we had technology at our fingertips. We played outside and used our imaginations, talked endlessly with our friends and had hobbies that kept us busy. A different time in a different world. There is no going back- just looking back and being happy for whatever the experience then was.cousinsflushingnygrandmas



28 thoughts on “What A Different Life It Was & Would Be

  1. Who knows what the long term implications of extensive techno use will be, and don’ t for a minute think I am against it. I am glued to it. I love the information revolution and the contact with others, but does it affect our concentration abilities? The reserach would indicate so. It is good to get a balance between indoor and outdoor life. I think the portability of social media on the mobile phone has added an extra level of stress in our lives as we have to check instagram, facebook, post and upload photos etc. But I would not be without it!


  2. I am grateful I am one of those who grew up in the real world…now I’m stuck in this one. Good and bad…but my children still played in the real world…too. I think parents should teach their children to love both.


  3. What great memories. I agree with you about the computer and how it has transformed and opened up the world to us. Instead of pen-pals and having to wait weeks for a reply to a letter, we now have blogging buddies on WP and the response is almost instantaneous. Plus how good is it to visit around the world via photos. I would SO miss my computer.


  4. But — we’re a little over the hill for playing jump rope outside with the other girls. A little tired for hiking in the morning before work. What’s really great about the Internet is that those of us who have had to slow down, who cannot do the physical stuff anymore can still be part of the world. It’s a great gift, this technology.

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  5. Great photos, love the photo of you on the strings. We could never go back. Once in a while I think about this, how our lives were, pre-internet. Everything has changed radically and forever. Never in 1979 while in high school could I have imagined the world we live in now, or my Macbook Air and iPhone. Our global communication at our fingertips. It is amazing that I can sit in my armchair and easily, instantly communicate with online friends in England, Australia and many other countries. Technology!


  6. I agree… we made ships from a piece of wood and we were captains ready to discover all 7 seas… that was much better than to create an avatar and a ship with a mouse click and to sail through the www :O) I remember that we were locked in such a play pen when my granny had to cook … me and my two cousins hung over the grid to watch her… till suddenly the whole side of the pen broke off and we landed on the floor … we screamed like banshees :o)

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