What’s a Little Snow in NYC?

New York City had a major snowstorm this past weekend, leaving 26 inches of snow behind. You would think this would  present a challenge to getting things up and running, but within a day it was business as usual. I ventured in to find piles of blackened snow along the curbs and some slush but some snow in NYC can’t keep New Yorkers down!002



Bryant Park which is located behind the New York Public Library becomes an Ice Skating Rink in the winter

021My husband and I were content to stand and watch rather than lace up and get out on the ice. 20160126_141935

This couple were working on it together

This woman was having a wonderful time trying out different movesskating gif

Not much of a need for Citibikes it seemed. It’s a challenge to navigate the streets when there is no snow!047

33 thoughts on “What’s a Little Snow in NYC?

  1. We saw all the snow storms on TV over here but didn’t realize how quickly everything is cleared. We seldom get follow up stories on the TV, so rely on blogs to tell it like it is. That ice skating looked fun. I noticed they created similar in Canberra when I was there a couple of years ago, but it was free (I think) and only stayed for a couple of weeks before the council cleared it all away.


  2. Fun shots and the couple shot is my fav! Those pants! And it always amazes me how busy NY is- but there is room to skate and live and breathe and just be!


  3. NYC is a great place to check out in winter as long as you have warm clothing and warm socks (boots, too.) I have been there 2 × but someday I need to see the neighborhoods, restaurants and try a wider variety of tastes! 🙂


  4. Admirable cleanup! A lot better than I’ve seen locally.

    I remember Rockefeller Center and ice-skating with fondness. Not that I was good at it (I was NOT), but going there was always a lot of fun.


  5. Thank you for the photos. Looks like it’s clearing up quite nicely. My son has been asking for us to go back to NYC, since last time we skipped Manhattan – perhaps this year we will.


  6. I’m glad not even this cold attack can bug the big apple :o) I always liked ice skating…. but now it has such a bad karma for me to come near ice, so I rather watch the stars on ice :o)


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