Daily Prompt: Key Takeaway

The Daily Prompt Says: Give your newer sisters and brothers-in-WordPress advice based on your experiences in blogging.

I started writing a blog simply because I had read an article that I felt I wanted to share my views about, and decided a blog would be the place to do it. I didn’t have any preconceived notions about where it would lead, or if anyone would read it, and had no idea if anyone would even find it. I just wanted to get what I was thinking onto “paper”.

I made the decision not to share my blog with friends, or link it to my Facebook page, or other social media. It was my private escape where I could voice how I was feeling about something, talk about the feelings I wouldn’t necessarily share out loud with anyone. I read about using tags so people with the same interests could find what I had written. I started following people and commenting on their blogs and suddenly this new world opened up of exchanging ideas, seeing amazing photography and learning about new places in the world.

Write what you feel, share what you are comfortable with, be true to yourself. In truth the amount of followers doesn’t matter, I have found I have a “core” group of blogging friends who always comment on my posts and share their thoughts, and I have started following other blogs as a result of reading the comments on their blogs.

Advice? Not too long and wordy, don’t rant and whine (well maybe only occasionally) proof read & spell check, and respond to those who comment on your posts. Enjoy it!20151008_173210

29 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Key Takeaway

  1. Oddly, we ALL seem to be saying the same thing. Maybe that’s really what works 🙂 I know it has worked pretty well for me and I still enjoy it after four years. That’s something, right?


  2. I started my blog to surprise my son by answering one of his prompts on The Seeker’s Dungeon. He did the same thing to me the other day by answering one of my blog’s prompts on a new blog that he was in the midst of developing. I was so shocked when I discovered it was from him. I had read and responded to his contribution before I even knew he was the one who had written it!

    I enjoyed reading your response to today’s prompt.


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