Oh How It Snowed

Up until yesterday the region I live in has had a relatively mild winter. The temps haven’t been too bad and it has rained but not snowed. Until yesterday, when I suppose mother nature was making up for lost time. It started snowing Friday night and continued until Saturday night. The weather people even named this storm, and referred to it as a blizzard because the winds were so high. Our area got 24 inches of snow and major snowdrifts as a result of the wind. Our cars were submerged.005

Fortunately we decided after having shoveled ourselves out for the past 23 years, this year we would hire someone. So I sat cozily inside my house not sweating it, knowing the men with the blowers and shovels would come to our rescue. As they did first thing this morning009


It is very cold today, but the sun is shining so I went out for a walk around the neighborhood to take in the sights. Come along and join me!






36 thoughts on “Oh How It Snowed

  1. The day after a big snow, it’s always gorgeous. It’s like the air has been cleaned. Not a speck of dust anywhere and the sun shines brilliantly. We only got a couple of inches, but we’ve been buried so many times, I share you pain … and hope we don’t get to relive it before the winter is over.


  2. I’m starting to get to the point of hiring someone… 28 inches of snow can alter your thought process in a hurry. Amazing how they can predict 4-6 up until a few hours before, then move it to 12-18 before not saying anything as it just keep snowing. I want that job.


    • I always say the weathermen have the best job- mess up a forecast and it’s “oops- looks like we were wrong” No other job allows for that. Last year they predicted a “snowmageddon” which turned out to be nothing. I physically could not have done the shoveling this time- a few inches would have been ok- but not this! Hope you are safe and sound


  3. When the sun comes out after a storm and the snow is still clean and fresh, there is such a beauty to it as your photos have proven!!

    I guessing you were very happy to see your snow service show up 🙂


      • Indeed! Texting with my wife just now in Virginia, says it stopped snowing about midnight last night. They have well over a foot. Sent her a photo from out our bedroom window of the blue sky and the tall lovely Mexican Palms swaying gently in the breeze… heh… Being on a main road is a good thing, your tax dollars actually work for you. Back in Michigan, we were on a county road but the county does not plow until at least three inches is on the road. A money saving technique.


      • It didn’t make her mad, she said ‘wow, beautiful!’. She/we have no desire to live elsewhere. Her job takes her to many places but never this long. This is an unusual circumstance. A sacrifice we agreed on. Nothing permenant. <– I can't spell that word!


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