The Bald Eagle- A Symbol of Strength

When I was growing up Bald Eagles, America’s National Symbol, were in danger of extinction. Habitat destruction and degradation, illegal shooting, and the contamination of their food source, largely as a consequence of DDT, decimated the eagle population. In 1940, noting that the species was “threatened with extinction,” Congress passed the Bald Eagle Protection Act, which prohibited killing, selling, or possessing the species. By 1995 Bald Eagles had recovered to the point where they were no longer in danger of extinction, but instead “threatened”, and as of 2007 they were removed from the threatened list too. They live near rivers and marshes where they can find fish, their main staple of food.

I took a walk today to the pond I often go to, a mile from my home. I am always looking up into the trees to spot the birds that may be nearby. Today I had the thrill of a lifetime when I looked up to see a large brown bird way up high in a tree.002

I quickly zoomed in and much to my delight was correct in thinking it was a Bald Eagle!baldeagle1


What a beautiful and majestic bird. It amazed me to think about how when I was a child I always learned about how our National Symbol was almost extinct and I would never have the opportunity to see one. Such a thrill to spot one, almost in my backyard.baldeagle5

28 thoughts on “The Bald Eagle- A Symbol of Strength

  1. now these are the guys i like to fly with , although they always out fly my wings an leave me in the dust is fun thermalling with them when one can 🙂 very kewl shots 🙂


  2. How great that you met such a wonderful bird… may this eagle be always on top and may hener lose his power…. a symbol of strength and currently a symbol of hope too …


  3. Thanks for an interesting post, and photos. I remember learning that the Bald Eagle was in danger of becoming extinct…seemed sad to hear that, even in far off Australia, so it is very good to hear that this no longer the case. A magnificent bird!


    • I am glad laws were put in place to protect these birds, and we learned what pesticides could do to our environment and the wildlife within it. I agree- magnificent creatures indeed! Thanks for stopping by

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  4. I’ve seen them up close and personal but never had a camera with me. They are huge and very impressive. They nest in the oaks around here, fish in the rivers and are not above stealing the catches of fishermen.


    • I figured he was up in that tree watching the river below or listening. It was very windy but from the look of the size of those talons no problem for him to hang on!


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