The Weekly Smile

Trent’s World hosts The Weekly Smile, a shared blogging event anyone can join. Here’s what he says:

What made you smile in the last week? A photo? A kind word from a friend or stranger? A random act of kindness witnessed in life or on the news? Seeing a small baby or talking to an elderly parent or grandparent?Β  A joke? A song? Taking a walk? Going skiing? There had to be something. It could be small or Earth shattering. It might be a private word or a very public action. Say in a few words what made you smile. Or post a photo or a video or a link.Β The whole idea, the one and only reason reason for this weekly event, is to counterbalance, even if to some small degree, all of the hate and negativity in the world today. With that in mind, there are a few rules I’d like you to follow if you want to put your post up on the link-up. To read more about the guidelines click here

What made me smile this week?

This afternoon I started my 10 day winter vacation off from school, which led to much smiling as I crossed the parking lot on the way to my car. Then my husband came home and unexpectedly greeted me with flowers. Major smiling ensued.



20 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile

  1. that’s so nice… I’m sure your husband hast this special sense to know what brings a smile on your face :o) Much better than the bag with 87 kiwis I’ve got this week (they were on offer lol) :o)

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    • oh that is funny about the kiwis- my husband has been helping with the shopping and brought home 5 pounds of sweet potatoes last week- because they were free with a coupon. I wasn’t smiling so much πŸ™‚


  2. Wow! Hubby has an amazing smile and so thoughtful with the flowers. Also loved the message in the background. So true! It’s very uplifting reading all these smile posts. I feel good!


  3. 10 day winter vacation? That is something to smile about. The schools around here have winter break at the end of February. And that is a huge smile on your husband’s face – I’m sure being on the receiving end of the flowers your was just as big. Thanks for sharing your smile!


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