Sky Surprises: Rainbows and Clouds

Yesterday we had pouring rain showers most of the day. Every now and then the sun would break through, but then the rain would come again, and the sky would turn gray. My husband and I had an hours drive to a wedding, and just as we left the house the skies opened once again with a torrential downpour. As we ran to the car we noticed an amazing rainbow arching across the sky. The rain was too heavy to stop for a photo, but once we were on the highway and the rain had let up, I rolled down the window and attempted to capture it. It was not as close as it had been from the vantage point of our driveway, but I could still see it.rainbow1

here it is close uprainbow2

It arched way up into the sky, unfortunately obscured by the clouds in these photos. Which brings me to the clouds we saw as we drove along the Parkway. They were like mountains in the sky. They filled the entire skyline ahead of us.20160110_162044


The sun began to set as we continued our drive, and I captured more wonderful clouds from the vantage point of  a bridge overlooking a river. I have not altered any of the photos – the colors are what I actually saw.


14 thoughts on “Sky Surprises: Rainbows and Clouds

    • I can’t believe you wrote that- my husband just gave me a necklace that says “you always have the choice to choose the rainbow in every storm” and that is basically what you just said. We are soul sisters for sure. ❤


  1. Your trip to the wedding included a rainbow which is a blessing for you and also means the couple has good luck. Those lovely billowing clouds do look like mountains. I post about clouds or the moon every month. The sky is so amazing!


  2. I remember once seeing a double rainbow while driving home from work on Meadowbrook Parkway. Everyone pulled off onto the shoulder and just watched until it went away. A magic LI moment 🙂


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