Beginning & End Of Day

I pulled into the parking lot at work yesterday, the temperature a mere 21 degrees, and was met by the sound of birds gathering in an apple tree, munching on those that were left. It was early and the sky still not fully light, the tree standing out in silhouette. birdstreeynj

My day turned out to be less than perfect let’s say, and I drove home noticing the sun had not quite yet set, even though it was after 5 pm. Daylight is lingering longer once again. Instead of going straight home I stopped by my favorite pond, to find it glazed over with a thin sheet of ice. It was cold out, but I relished the sting on my face as I caught the last glimpse of the glow of the setting sun reflecting off the pond. Nature greeted me at the start of my day, and helped refresh me at its close.sunsetwinter

20 thoughts on “Beginning & End Of Day

  1. The photos were like bookends yo your day. How beautiful both were and each brought a different emotion to my thoughts. Birds are cheerful even when it is so cold. I cannot picture how they stay warm, feathers would not keep me warm. Fur, maybe. Smiles, Robin


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