End of Day

School let out early today, which allowed me almost an hour of daylight I don’t normally get in the afternoon! Even though it is December, the temperature was 61 and it was raining- thankfully way too warm for snow to make an appearance. Undeterred by the light drizzle I headed straight to my favorite pond for a quick walk and to breath in the fresh air. 005 The trees all bare now, were pretty against the very gray sky, close to sunset.025I heard a flock of geese overhead and lifted my camera to the sky, not having time to focus, but caught them in flight006The bushes along the trail brown and straw like003Raindrops glistening like lights on the branches and berries018and making patterns on the water010Though no sun to be seen setting, the light began to change and I headed home, happy to have caught the light before night set in.023

15 thoughts on “End of Day

  1. So purdy! The droplets hitting water was my favorite part. But also loved your joy about geeky ting out early and then soaking up the air – i felt refreshed with u – fun when that happens – and there is a “cool tone” in all of the pics

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    • thank you and glad you liked it! Hard to catch the rain hitting the water when it was getting dark and so gray, but I tried anyway! I love getting out to walk in nature, working 8-5 doesn’t allow for it, so when I have those extra hours I use them! 🙂


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