Travel Theme: Naughty or Nice

I worked as a dog walker a few years ago, and after taking  Maggie out for a walk I would play with her in the house. It was summertime so I would often take my shoes off. Inevitably she would grab one of my shoes and make off with it, even though the shoe was almost bigger than she was. So naughty of hermaggieshoe

Eventually she would wear herself out and take a break for a selfie that I would send her mom to let her know I had come and all was good. So nice.

maggie1 (2)

Where’s My Backpack Travel Theme

19 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Naughty or Nice

    • I started my own business after our dog died- I didn’t want to make the commitment again, but missed having a dog. This was perfect- There was another dog with Maggie in the house- Lucy, a very sweet Cocker Spaniel. I walked them twice a day for about 5 months until they moved at about the same time I was thinking of going back to work in a school. It took me a time to adjust to not seeing them-I had grown pretty attached 🙂

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