Travel Theme: Fabric

This week Ailsa has chosen Fabric as the subject of her challenge. I learned how to quilt many years ago and as any quilter will tell you, fabric collecting can become an obsession. There is always that “next” project to work on that you just may need that perfect blue to go with that fabulous red you have at home. Scale of the pattern on the fabric comes into play too, using similar patterns in one scale or mixing them up.

This was fun fabric I found with the word Moo all over itDSC00849

It seemed only natural to set out in making a wall hanging with…. what else but cows!DSC00850cows

Sailboats were another favorite pattern of mine, I would make baby quilts for my friends. In this one I used fabric with fish on it for the backing, in keeping with the sailboat theme.

here, anchors

and finally sailboats!

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8 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Fabric

    • I haven’t quilted in many years- it is very time consuming and as much as I enjoyed it, life changed I no longer had the time to put into it. I still have all my fabric and hope to get back to it some day


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