Travel Theme: Self

Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack has asked for us to show her our interpretation of “Self”- prompted by her noticing so many people out and about with selfie sticks.

I love walking in nature, watching and listening to the birds, drinking in the beauty around me. A big part of “self” for me.

My best friend whom I have known since we were 12 is very much a part of my “self”

And my better half, my husband, my-self

We love to take selfies wherever we go


18 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Self

  1. Daily Musings, I am 60 years old. My wife and I take ‘selfies’ everywhere we go. It has become kind of a joke. A while ago I told her that I wanted to get a selfie stick. Her reply was that I would look like an a**hole with one as they are for young people. Well that was enough for me, so I got one as a joke. Let me tell you, It is a blast, I find myself using it often, I get more background of where I am in the picture, when photographing a family get together we are all in the picture. Sometimes I turn on the video mode on the phone and make believe that I am a warped ‘Survivor Man’ TV series. Who ever said that youth was wasted on the young was correct. I am thinking of getting one for each of my kids, and nieces and nephews as stocking stuffers. You know why? because each one was jealous that I had a ‘selfie stick’ and they didn’t.


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