It’s Not Winter Yet!

It’s cold outside, the trees are mostly bare, and as much as I can’t take the cold I can’t take sitting indoors when the sky is a brilliant blue and the sun is shining! I grabbed the camera, put on my convertible mittens that allow for my fingers to push the shutter, and off I went! Come along with me….094






29 thoughts on “It’s Not Winter Yet!

  1. That was a lovely walk, with so many furriends and so beautiful pictures. We only have rain and blurry weather, but your pictures made it all good, DM. We now remember how Winter can be 😉 Pawkisses for a Happy Week 🙂 ❤


  2. I’m glad someone asked about the Downy Woodpecker because I was going to. What a beautiful bird! Oh, dear–that little squirrel looks all ready for winter. If he gets any chubbier, he won’t be able to move. What a cutie!
    You asked about squirrels in FL–we have tons in our backyard because we are surrounded by oaks and pine trees. In Mobile AL, the mayor was going to tell people to stop feeding the squirrels in one particular park, because they come up to people and almost beg! He quickly backed down when he realized there was absolutely no way people would stop–not when you have a nut shop right across the street! 😀


  3. Love your birds and that’s a fine fellow of a squirrel, too. Aren’t you glad there’s no snow on the ground? It’s still possible to walk and not feel like falling is next thing that’s going to happen 🙂 I’m enjoying the relatively mild weather. May it continue — with some rain instead of snow!!


    • Oh Marilyn everyday we have a good day I say to myself “we are one day closer to spring” and relish the warmth and tomorrow welcome the rain and temps in the 50’s!!!!


    • I agree George- I was glad there was still a hint of color where I walked, and this particular trail has a lot of brush and dried plants which make it seem less bare


  4. Nice photos, the critters seem happy to see you. Isn’t it amazing that these tiny creatures, especially the birds can survive such bitter cold, apparently unaffected by it? I built a squirrel-proof bird feeder in Michigan, placed it where it was easily viewed from inside. On those bitter mornings when the ambient air temperature was below zero, the little birds would be happily bouncing around the platform surrounding the feeder eating their fill. Amazing.


    • Thanks John- I was excited to get the Blue Jay- he was way up in a tree – maybe building a nest. The chickadee actually flew into me- I don;t know who was more startled!! I always wonder too how they can survive the bitter cold winters.

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  5. Ah, very nice pics, but give me a Palm Tree any day.
    I too get cabin fever this time of year.
    Maybe waking up in the dark, and coming home in the dark doesn’t help either.


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