No One Missed The Turkey

There is an email listserve in the town where I live where people can post messages looking for rides, making community announcements, selling things they no longer need, getting recommendations for where to buy things or what repairman they can call to fix something. There are about 3000 people who subscribe to it, and I have used it many times myself, both on the receiving end, Β and the giving end. A few weeks ago someone in town posted they were having their annual Vegan Thanksgiving Brunch and inviting anyone who wanted to join. It happened I knew the people who posted the message from town, and seeing as my husband and I had no plans we thought it would be fun to go. I emailed the hosts and said we were in and told them what I’d bring. We were told there would be about 15-18 people coming.

We arrived to find the hostess in her kitchen adding the finishing touches to something she had whipped up to add to the spread that had been laid out on the kitchen island.001

She had baked all the bread herself004

The buffet held a delicious kale salad, quinoa salad, pasta, cranberry apple oatmeal crisp and assorted other salads. Some of the people who came knew each other, but some did not. It turned out we did know some of the people who attended. The conversation was interesting and varied, and I was happy to reconnect with a friend I hadn’t caught up with in a few years. Fortunately Facebook has kept us connected but there is nothing like sitting down and having a real conversation. People moved around, one of the benefits of a buffet, and no “assigned” seats- with a large crowd it offers the opportunity to talk to different people. Two and half hours later we all said our good byes, many moving on to visiting their families, some staying close to home others setting out for long drives, all saying “hope to see you here again next year!.” And no one missed the Turkey.003




15 thoughts on “No One Missed The Turkey

    • It is true there is nothing like turkey on Thanksgiving, this was a nice gathering but did not have that “feel” of a true Thanksgiving. I did bring a cranberry dish though πŸ™‚


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