Sunday Brunch

My husband and I went out for brunch this Sunday with our Aunt & Uncle, who are 88 and 91, and my husband’s step sister and brother in law who are in their early 80’s. His sister was in visiting from Israel, we have not seen her in 2 years, and our Aunt and Uncle live about an hour away, but we don’t get to see them too often either. We consider ourselves fortunate to have relatives that are still active at their ages, and to be able to spend time with them. That being said it is quite the experience going to a fairly noisy restaurant with a group of people who have a hard time hearing when there is no noise. We sat in a corner in the hope it would cut some of the background noise, which it did, and what background noise there was helped drown out all of our shouting at each other in order to be heard.

My Aunt is a big bread eater, with butter of course, and polished off the first basket in no time, then asked for another. It made me laugh as it wouldn’t even occur to me to eat bread slathered with butter, but obviously it has not brought any undesirable consequence on her as she has been doing it her entire life. My husband commented on how the onions in his salad would be coming back to haunt him the rest of the day, to which she replied she makes sure to eat at least one raw onion everyday. Maybe there is something to that. We all caught up on family happenings, trying to stay away from health and ailment discussions which can easily become a topic of discussion.

As we wrapped up our lunch we all agreed it had been a perfect get together. As my Aunt kissed my husband’s sister good bye they hugged extra tight and it occurred to me that neither knew if they would see one another again. It gave me pause to let the thought enter, but in reality when someone reaches a certain age the future must often seem less certain. None of us can predict what the years ahead will bring, but I certainly hope we have the opportunity to all meet again for another Sunday brunch.glorialeohensen


24 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch

  1. Nice family meeting Lisa and amazing energy in their age 🙂
    It has been common in North Europe to eat bread and butter this way for many years. Onion protect us against much and so do garlic. A good salad daily with a mix of healthy vegetables can help us a long way.


  2. I think it’s great that you went to lunch and I can’t believe they are those ages. They look terrific.
    Your words about how they hugged when leaving and the feeling you had about what they must be feeling is very poignant. my mother in law and her sister are 90 and 88 and I often wonder the same thing. Though it can home true for any of us, age increases the possibilities. Nice post.


    • Thanks George-must be all the bread and butter and onions that keeps them looking so good! 🙂 It is special to have relatives of such ages as you know first hand with your mother in law.


  3. My family is blessed with long life. Unfortunately, many of us age poorly. I love seeing vigorous people in their 80s and beyond. I hope I will be one of them.


  4. A great looking family! The idea that there may be fewer days ahead than behind is a sobering reality. Sometimes reality stinks… 😉


  5. Garry’s hearing is bad and we avoid most public places that have any kind of background music. It just makes him miserable to not be able to hear or join in the conversation. Glad you found a way to enjoy the time together!


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