Travel Theme: Camaraderie

The minute I saw the theme for Ailsa’s challenge this week I thought of this photo. My BFF ran a half marathon last month, for the first time in her life. That’s 13.2 miles. (she is in all black with white headphones on the left)The last mile was tough for her, and as she came into view from where her friends and I were standing at the finish line, we all went down the road to meet her and accompany her to the finish line. To my mind that is camaraderie.1homestretch2

17 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Camaraderie

  1. I like the photo you chose for “Camaraderie!” I saw someone use your name, Lisa. I appreciated your visit and suggestion to join Cee’s challenges. Great idea for 2016. This year I have a lot of scheduled posts already. 🙂 In first week of November, I visited my Mom and she took a nap daily which helped organize this hectic season of blogging. 🙂


    • I started working full time this year and find it challenging to find the time to blog- I tried to schedule ahead but it doesn’t always seem to work. Good for you that you were able to do it!


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