Super Cash-The Endless Loop

I love to shop. I love wandering through a department store, touching the fabrics as I go, taking in the array of colors, the different styles, the shelves piled high with sweaters in every color of the rainbow. I enjoy finding a skirt I like and going in search of a top to match it. I usually stick to the same stores, knowing which departments I will do best in. I take things as I wander, my arm heavy with the things slung across it, so I only have to make one trip to the dressing room. In truth there will be more than one trip, but that first trip will narrow down what will work and what won’t, which then will send me on a second round of the floor to find what goes with what fits.

I figured now that I am working full time my leisure activity of shopping would be curtailed. I forgot about online shopping. There are certain websites I can go to where I know what will fit me without trying something on, and in the worst case there are local stores to which I can return something in the event it really doesn’t fit. Old Navy is one of the websites I frequent. I like their work out clothes for the gym, their casual sweaters and vests. But I have found it is like entering the Bermuda Triangle. Once you are in you can never get out. They have a perk called “super cash” -If you spend a certain amount on a purchase during some designated time they give you $20 to spend on your next purchase, which has to be made during an allotted time in the near future. I don’t really pay much attention to it until I start getting emails telling me it’s time to use my Super Cash, and my time is running out. I find it impossible not to click the link “just to see” what I might be able to find to use my Super Cash on. Inevitably I always manage to find something as I also can never pass up something on Clearance that has been reduced a gazillion times. Today’s find was an infinity scarf for $6, ear warmers for $4, and a sweater for $15. I received a confirmation for placing my order, with another message “You have just earned $20 Super Cash!” Here we go again!vest

25 thoughts on “Super Cash-The Endless Loop

  1. Lisa I am not a shopper but am a buyer. I used to look at catalogs and ads and head of to a store knowing what I wanted. Sometimes not even trying it on in the Store because I get antsy.
    Then along came online shopping. Last year we did all of our holiday shopping online. And loved it.
    Now we love to but online. Except electronics. Those I need to see and touch to buy.
    Brick and mortar stores, like Bank Branches, are becoming less and less needed in our Society.

    Hey, I have an 💡 let’s write up and start a 12 step program for this problem of yours. Then you’ll have more money to spend online. 😃

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  2. I am guilty of being a shop-a-holic but hope this doesn’t set off an alarm for the etiquette people. No harm meant! For some reason, those coupons where buy one get one free and buy $50 get $10 free, they trick me. It usually is spent on gifts for others so less guilt. 🙂 It is like eating cake over a sink, less calories and no guilt. Smiles, Robin


    • I have always like to shop- from the time I was old enough to drive myself to the mall and was working and had my own money. It is a great past time. I started following your blog 🙂


  3. i love, just love perfumes and I am very valuable customer on different online sides like They love me, they send me coupon after coupon and so they make me buy more and more. It’s not me…it’s them 🙂


  4. I hear you… I can’t resist a bargain :o) and I often spend more than planned…. there is a free shipping offer when I spend 5 euros more, then I see a piece what fits to nothing but it’s down from 199 to 24, the pants for 3 euros I don’t need but hey a pants for 3 bucks? I’m glad that I started to shop with my “style-book” with all the fabulous things what caught my attention. I can mix and match the items and it happens that the treasure from today is the trash of tomorrow, so I can remove the page without spending money. I only wish it would work quite often… and I’m thankful for whatsapp, so my friend can save me from mispurchases with an “eeeeew!!!” or a “dislike” :o)


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