Serendipity Photo Prompt: Nearly Naked

Marilyn over at Serendipity shared some of her beautiful end of Autumn photos-the subject of her prompt a reference to the nearly bare trees. It is always wonderful to watch the changing colors of the leaves, but I am always sad to see them fall to the ground leaving the trees bare and stark. To put a positive spin on that, I am able to see more birds in the trees to capture with my camera!



It also allowed me to see this nest that had been hidden way up within the leaves, now exposed030

And maybe this squirrel thought he was still concealed within what was left of the leaves on the tree as he seemed unaware I was standing so close behind. Or maybe he was just really intent on eating.056

And soon enough nearly naked will turn to baretreebarejan (3)

8 thoughts on “Serendipity Photo Prompt: Nearly Naked

  1. Even though you included a picture of the season that we shall not speak, I’m really impressed at your wildlife pictures! Those little birds are hard to catch since they are always in motion. I try often and miss 95% of the time. Good shooting!!


    • Thanks Marilyn and I think I included that photo of that season that shall remain nameless just to attempt to soften the blow of its coming. Those birds drive me crazy because they do move all the time- i consider it a major victory when I actually am able to capture one!!


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