Indian Summer

It is the 3rd day of November, but the temps in my neck of the woods reached a high of 75,  about 15 degrees above the normal average. I was reminded of the term “Indian Summer” when Autumn days feel like summer, and then wondered where the expression originated. According to Wikipedia:

“Indian summer is a period of unseasonably warm, dry weather that sometimes occurs in autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. Although the exact origins of the term are uncertain, it was perhaps so-called because it was first noted in regions inhabited by Native Americans (incorrectly labelled “Indians”) or it had been based on the warm and hazy conditions in autumn when native Americans hunted.”

I took to the trails in a local nature preserve this afternoon, fortunate to have had a half day of school on such a beautiful day.








25 thoughts on “Indian Summer

  1. I always wondered if Indian Summer was an NJ thing–when I talk about it here in sunny FL, I get these very quizzical looks. The bird photos–and the little chipmunk–are wonderful!!


  2. I love this days so much… the early morning with the fog everywhere and the perfect temperatures after the sun came out… it’s like a gift before or world becomes grey and dark for some months :o)


    • I am totally loving it Marilyn! Each day of 70 degree weather in November brings takes us closer to winter being over with less cold days! Thank you so much for the compliments on the photos-nature is a good subject! I try to get out with the camera as much as I can and the day was perfect opportunity!


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