Serendipity Photo Prompt: Autumn Fades

This week  Marilyn at Serendipity has shared her beautiful photos of what little there was and is of Autumn this year in her neck of the woods, and has asked us to do the same.

The trees have been slow to change due to the weather conditions, yellows and oranges and reds in small amount among the still green trees.076The geese took full advantage of the apples falling from a tree- I had no idea they ate apples, but this guy pecked and pecked away.048043I awoke to temperatures in the 20’s a few days ago, but today we’re heading back up to 75 degrees!! No wonder the trees are confused- as am I about how to dress appropriately for this changing weather everyday. Yesterday parts of the school I work in had air conditioning on while others had heat.024The birds must be confused too about whether or not they should stay or go. I hope they don’t get lulled into a false sense of security because these fall days feel like summerbird2019Join the Prompt Here

16 thoughts on “Serendipity Photo Prompt: Autumn Fades

  1. Yes, still lingering green and yellows and browns. Not much vivid red or orange in my neighborhood, either, Lisa. Your shots are beautiful, capturing this special season, I think.


  2. It has really been a rather odd autumn, I must say. Pretty, because autumn IS pretty, but not the usual luscious colors. Warm here, too … again. We had two cold night and I think finally the fuchsia have died for the season … but today it was shorts and sandals weather, unless until the sun went down. Maybe it’ll be a nice warm winter, too. I’d like that! Lovely pictures. Looks very much the same here, too. The leaves are brighter along the rivers and streams, but otherwise … lots of green with brown edges.


  3. I so miss the fall foliage! Out here in AZ a trip to the high country has to made. So when I saw your autumn photos…. I went and grabbed a cup of coffee and enjoyed every photo. The little birds in the tree… so sweet!


  4. Same here with our weather…spring is summer and nothing is knowing what to as hades yesterdat today put a jumper on and now late at night its hot again..plants and animals are confused..lovely shots…and i think all over the weather is super weird! 🙂 xxxx Bev

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