Run Baby, Run!

My BFF ran in a half marathon today. That’s 13.1 miles. (or 21.08 kilometers) Perfect weather for it, a crisp fall morning which turned into a beautiful warm day. The run took place a few miles from where she lives, in a rural area as compared to where I live 50 miles North in suburbia.011 031

My husband and I waited to see her at the 6.6 mile mark, the half way point, before she would loop around and do another 6.6miles.


Seeing the runners at the crest of the hill making their way down was exciting009and then Alice my BFF appeared!

and then she was gone…..
028 My husband and I walked the mile to the finish line to be there to greet her when she finished. While waiting we cheered those on who were coming through the finish line.079080081

and watched two people who had finished who were not quite ready to sit it out yet, dance to the music that was playing069068It seemed the race was winding down, the people crossing the finish line thinning out, but Alice had still not appeared on the horizon down the road. Her husband rode his bike out onto the path to see where she was, and came back shortly reporting her feet were aching and she was slowly making her way, but still had a little over a mile to go. I handed my things to my husband and said I was going to walk out to meet her, I couldn’t stand the thought of her being out there struggling alone. I met her when she was about 3/4 of a mile from the finish, still running albeit at a slow enough pace for me to walk alongside. As we came within sight of where the rest of her friends were waiting near the finish, they all walked down to meet her and walk in with her too.1homestretch2but she crossed the finish herselffinish1

finish2 finish4

Victory!! She had said all along all she wanted to do was make it to the finish and she did! 13.1 miles! Months of training, for someone who had never run a marathon and she did it! diditalicelisa

26 thoughts on “Run Baby, Run!

  1. Oh wow! Well done to the both of you. Her for running and not quitting and you for being an awesome bff.
    Looked like a lot of fun too, especially the people dancing hehheeh


  2. I am so lucky that whatever I do, Lisa is there, sometimes literally….to walk beside me. The gifts of support that I received that day will warm my heart forever. Alice

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  3. Please tell Alice that she just became my hero. I just started running last year in April, after I quit smoking. I wanted to know if I could still run as I did when I was 20. Turns out I can’t. I start running like I should and then I speed up and I am out of breath and nearly fainting after 1 mile or so. It’s like I put all the excitement I have in one mile and then I fall to pieces.

    So, I bought me a treadmill (talk about boring) and I am power walking and running on that torture machine. Maybe one day I will be able to do what Alice just did, but I doubt it. Congrats to her and I hope I have a friend like you at the finish line if I ever will finish a race.


  4. That’s a nice accomplishment. My daughters have done it a couple of times and we were there to support them also. Congrats to your friend..:)


    • Wow- a couple of times? Alice said she thinks this was it- checked it off and done! Having the support makes a difference, I felt bad for the people crossing the finish with no one to cheer for them


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