End of Day

I am adjusting to working full time these days, leaving the house at 7:45 and returning home at 5:00. I am in motion most of the day- working as an assistant teacher, zipping through the halls to get to the copy machine, taking the kids out for recess and down to lunch in the lunchroom, making my way around the classroom to help those who need a little extra help. Yesterday the head teacher was out and so I was in charge, by myself with 19 expectant young first grade faces looking to me for direction. I flew out of school when the bell rang at 4:45 and needed quiet, stillness, and headed to my favorite pond. As always I found solace in the sound of the Catbirds, the Blue Jays, the Starlings. And when I looked to the West I was greeted with this sky

sunset2The sun shining through those clouds was awe inspiring. I stood for many minutes taking it in, and finding the tension of the day fading away.

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