Serendipity Photo Prompt: Where’s Autumn?

Marilyn at Serendipity asks this week: Where’s Autumn?

Funny I have been wondering the same thing myself. Just the right combination of water, sun, and cold allow the leaves to change color. We had a very dry summer and then a dousing of rain last week,which only served to blow leaves away and turn them brown on the edges. The smaller bushes and vines are turning, but not the trees.






Is Autumn showing its colors where you are? Join in and share them!

19 thoughts on “Serendipity Photo Prompt: Where’s Autumn?

  1. I guess it isn’t just us in New England. It’s going to be brown one. A little hint of color, a splash of bright leaves here and there … then the leaves curl up and fall off. The water in the rivers and ponds are still very low. There wasn’t more than a couple of inches at the falls, so the rain helped … but it wasn’t nearly enough. Maybe winter will also forget about us? That would be nice!!

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  2. Let’s hope we have an Autumn and don’t just go into Winter. Fall is such a fun and beautiful time of year, though most times it’s much too short.


  3. After I asked that question we suddenly found fall :o) the most trees are still green but they start to change their color now and it looks egg-stra beautiful with some red and golden spots between the green :o) Sadly we got a storm too, now the streets are plastered with sweet chestnuts :o(

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