Festival Of Leaves

I have become much more conscious of the leaves changing color, or the lack thereof this year, around the pond I visit. I have found it fascinating to see the daily changes and the amazing colors that come forth and their progression, right down to the veins in the leaves. Nature’s artwork.20150927_165451 025 109


18 thoughts on “Festival Of Leaves

  1. It’s wonderful to notice all these colour changes, just to walk around and watch. A beautiful season and beautiful pictures capturing it! Thanks so much for taking part!!! x


  2. The best color is a balance. Enough rain, enough sun, enough chill in the night. We’re not having a good year up here. First so dry, now finally, things are changing, but it’s late and the brightest colors are all pastel this year. The rain came too late and we haven’t had a real cold snap. Maybe next year. We had three great autumns in a row, so I shouldn’t complain 🙂

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  3. It depends on who you speak to or listen to. Some trees and vegetation put out more color with less rain and the opposite is also true. Some trees and vegetation are more colorful with rain and water during their growing season. It will be interesting to see as we are in a drought condition what autumn will look like here in New Jersey.


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