Written in Stone

Daily Prompt: Your personal sculptor is carving a person, thing or event from the last year of your life. What’s the statue of and what makes it so significant?

I would not dare to venture a guess about the events of my last year of life, or having sculptures carved to represent an event or myself. Having no children to take on the job of carving in stone what they thought of me, I have already taken care of the written text to go on my headstone when the time comes, leaving it tucked in along with my Will.   The last visit I made to the cemetery to visit family graves I was taken by the stories many of the headstones told, and wrote a post about that visit.

Nine months before my mother in law died she had accompanied me and my husband to visit the gravesites of her husband and her parents. She had been fighting cancer for close to 12 years at that time, and I remember vividly her leaning on one of the headstones and saying to me, “I think the next time I come here it won’t be under my own steam.” She was right. As she and I walked among the graves that day she commented on the designs on some of the foot stones lined up around us, and mentioned she would like one with roses on it. When the time came to choose the headstone and foot stone for her we followed her wishes.

WP_000410As I walked through the cemetery I took notice of some of the designs on the headstones and how interesting the carvings were.

These two say Mother and Father in Yiddish013


 This one is unusual with its birds on a branch, but sadly reads “our beautiful daughter”

019The person buried here was someone I knew, a young man is his 40’s who died in an accident. He was an avid guitar player. 021

It is humbling to stand amid the graves, to hear nothing but silence, just the wind and the occasional call of a bird.  To see generations buried together, to think of the lives people lived, to look at the words carved out in the stone that families have written in remembrance of their loved ones.

6 thoughts on “Written in Stone

  1. I don’t know if it’s ok to say that I sometimes enjoy walking through graveyards, especially very old ones. There are so many untold stories that seem to come to life. It’s such a humbling place.


  2. I’m surprised I can still read some Hebrew. I can’t actually read Yiddish, but since it uses the same alphabet, I can at least make out the names of people. Mostly. I thought this was a downer of a prompt and makes me wonder if the author of it is maybe 12? Or just confused? How in the world would any of us know what would be carved regarding our last year on earth unless we are suffering from terminal something … which is even more depressing. The daily downer strikes again!

    But great pictures.


    • I agree it is a downer of a prompt and most likely thought up by someone who is 12 as you said. No life experience, thinks everything will just roll along as they planned. FOOL.


  3. that was very nice to pick the stone she wanted… the stone with the guitar brought tears to my eyes… it’s so touching to learn more about the people who lived once among us… and it’s so sad to realize how fast this life can end sometimes…


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