Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge & Change

I am combining Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge and the Daily Post Photo Challenge this week. Cee’s challenge this week is Smell, and the Daily Post is Change. I visit a local pond a few times a week and sometimes twice a day as I did today. This morning was low tide, which has a very distinct smell as you get closer to the body of water where the tide has gone out. I happen to like the smell as it reminds me of the summers I spent at my grandparent’s home on the bay-we always new when it was low tide without having to look out the window.

I was struck today by how different everything looks when the tide is low or high and that is where the Change challenge comes in. Take a look for yourself




14 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge & Change

    • That is so true- low tide can be an unpleasant smell but my memory association makes it not unpleasant! Low tide was really low- lots of mud- and I actually ran into 2 kayakers at high tide- they were loving it!


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