Knock, Knock Writing Challenge

Ladybug asks: Write about your favorite painting. Why do you like it? What’s the story behind it, do you know? And why is it special to you?

There are many paintings I like, by different artists, the one I will write about hangs in my home, a copy of the watercolor by Andrew Wyeth called Master Bedroom, painted in 1965.masterbedroomIn a newspaper interview in 2012 with Andrew Wyeth’s grand daughter Victoria, she told the story behind the painting. “Master Bedroom” is a watercolor depicting the family Labrador, Rattler, tranquilly asleep on Andrew Wyeth’s bed. Victoria said the artist had come home tired one evening, wanting to take a nap, only to find Rattler had gotten there first. Andy’s comment was, “You know, dogs are the damnedest thing. They just take over the house.” Hence the title of the painting, “Master Bedroom.” No mistaking who’s in charge.

Victoria said the painting did not impress her grandmother, who told the artist to put it in the “giveaway pile.” It has since become one of his most popular works. She shook her head observing, “You know you just shouldn’t listen to your family because, honestly, they really don’t know what they’re talking about.”

I personally love this painting because it always reminds me of our dog Sammy. He was our Cocker Spaniel who lived to the very advanced age of 19. I loved to see him curled up sleeping, so peacefully, taking a break from following me around or attempting to get into the kitchen cabinets.

In the painting I love how the light is coming through the window and casts a shadow on the bed. How the dog is snuggled up against the pillow, his back legs entwined with front. A simple painting that to my eye depicts serenity and has a dog as the subject. Perfect combination.

18 thoughts on “Knock, Knock Writing Challenge

  1. I cannot believe you selected this photo, Lisa. I have this in my bedroom, right over the bed, because this is how my Daisy looked as she cuddled on our bed. We lost Daisy a few years ago at 15 years old and to look at this photo is to have her back again. The perfect painting. ❤

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