Serendipity Photo Prompt: Geese

This week Marilyn at Serendipity’s photo prompt is Geese, one of my favorite subjects to watch and photograph. You will find Geese in abundance in the area I live in, taking up residence in local parks, overrunning lawns in some areas. Last spring I kept eye on a family of Geese at our local pond who allowed me to get pretty close with no hissing.




24 thoughts on “Serendipity Photo Prompt: Geese

  1. They took over the grounds of one of the places I worked. They were big, strong, territorial, and untidy in their personal habits. It also made the daily trip from car to office … interesting. But I don’t begrudge them space. We’ve taken away so much of their natural habitat, they have been clever in adapting to whatever remains. These days, with much of New England in drought, they are having a hard time surviving at all. All the water fowl are having trouble finding suitable nesting areas … and food. We need rain. Serious rain. Not those little sprinkles we’ve been having.


  2. Geese swarm here as well, Lisa. Golf course ponds in abundance, leaving the fairways near them littered with … you know. But any puddle by the side of the road also seems to do, making for some interesting geese crossings. Nice shots, my friend. Yes, they can get very defensive of their territory!


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