Jumpin’ Jack Flash It’s a Gas Gas Gas

I kept getting whiffs of natural gas outside my house the other day, so I called our gas company to come and check it out. They found nothing outside, but when they came inside for a look there seemed to be a small reading indicating a leak coming from the pipes connected to my gas meter. They are original pipes from 1930. The “emergency” crew was called in and there went our Sunday get away plans. The emergency crew thanked me, as because it was Sunday they were getting paid double time. There is always a silver lining isn’t there?20150823_121415

The sidewalk needed to be dug up because they had to get to the gas line running underground that led to the house.

Rob manning the Back Hoe
Rob manning the Back Hoe

I got a real education on how everything worked together, what connected to what, and what it takes to repair and replace. It was close to 90 degrees and these guys worked for 6 hours to get the job done. 20150823_131836I was amazed at the amount of physical labor involved, digging, shoveling, screwing pipes together, while maintaining safety procedures along the way. Fireproof suits and helmets when in an enclosed space near gas- even though the gas had been shut off, there is always the chance of a spark I was told. The ironic thing was all the workmen smoked- it was almost comical to see them suited up in gas regulation uniforms holding cigarettes.

I now understand exactly where the gas comes from when I turn on my stove, run my dryer, or hear the click of the boiler going on in the winter. I also have a new found respect for the men who are trained to do a job where precision and accuracy are so important, the Foreman told me there is no cutting corners or shortcuts in the work they do.

My husband and I may not have gotten away for the day, but it turned out to be an educational learning experience which I enjoyed!

20 thoughts on “Jumpin’ Jack Flash It’s a Gas Gas Gas

  1. I like it to watch such works and I’m glad the problem is fixed. The guys who worked on my parents septic tank smoked cigarettes too and I rather watched them from a distance… that’s probably one of the worst ways to win a Darwin Award :o)

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  2. It’s a darn good thing you smelled that! May have avoided a disaster. But wow, so much work to swap out pipes. I admire the precision of the hole they dug. A one day sacrifice that will ensure you stay warm this winter!


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