Phone Woes

It finally happened- I dropped my smart phone and killed it. It still worked, I could hear the beeps and the click of the camera, but the screen was black, never to shine its light for me again. No more icons sitting there waiting nice and neatly lined up to be pressed to open. No more scrolling through the photos on WordPress blogs and Facebook posts. No more favorite contacts to be called.

Of course this happened on a Sunday which meant having to wait until Monday to take care of getting a new phone. I chatted online with an AT&T rep who made the solution to my problem sound less troublesome than I thought it would be. When I got to the store on Monday I found out all the information I had been given but for one piece was incorrect and false. Fortunately I had printed out the transcript of the chat which helped when I later phoned AT&T headquarters (no point in wasting time with customer service- these days you can find any phone # you need online) to let them know that I was told I could get a new phone for free and turned out the reality was I needed to pay $520.00 for a new phone. They did give me a credit on my account that made a small dent in that amount, which helped to appease me somewhat.

When I showed the salesman in the store my sad, broken phone he told me unfortunately he would not be able to transfer anything from it to the new phone as he needs to be able to see the screen in order to access the prompt for  permission and check yes to do it. You can imagine my relief when we logged into my gmail account on the new phone and like by magic all my icons reappeared, my wallpaper image – all right there, all ready to be clicked on and opened once again. Whoever invented “the cloud” God bless them. Because apparently that is where everything was.

The only catch (besides having to pay to get out of my 2 year contract, and then change plans and get a new phone) was losing the number I have had for 24 years. In truth who knows anyone’s phone number these days? We click our contacts or say their name and the call is connected. The biggest hassle was having to tell everyone the new number. Not such a hassle between group texts and Facebook Messenger. And maybe even a blessing in disguise as some people I may not even tell!phone

18 thoughts on “Phone Woes

  1. I always love when I find myself doing something in an area where I cannot get service or connect with the outside world. It is peaceful in a way, but there is always that little brain cell that knows it is only temporary. And that is comforting

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  2. I have one of these ugly, hard shell cases that someone invented for clumpy people like me. I buy all my phones on ebay, or get hand-me downs from friends. I am just not willing to sign any contract or buy an expensive phone. My phone right now is an iphone 4, bought it for $20 from a friend who upgraded. I am with t mobile, no contract just $50 every months for unlimited text and talk.

    Glad you got your new phone Lisa!

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  3. I’m so sorry…. that’s like losing a part of life, when all the contacts are gone with the wind… and I would be sad when I had to change my number I used for years :o( It happened to me too, as I tried to throw my phone in my bag… I failed and it landed on the street… ( I never should enter the 1million half line basketball throw…) I fortunately had an insurance for the phone, I accidentally made a cross as I signed the contract and even when I always was angry for the 10 bucks I had to buy more per year, this time I was happy because I really got a new phone for free….


  4. That’s an expensive and frustrating accident to have. I’m sorry. Sigh…but like you said maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. You mentioned not knowing anyone’s numbers anymore. I was just having that conversation with someone the other day. It’s kind of scary that I only know two people’s number by memory. Back in the day, I had a whole phone book stored in my head. Not anymore.

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