FORE! First Time For Miniature Golf

Yesterday I played miniature golf for the first time in my life. I posted this photo on Facebook, captioned with 1st time ever playing miniature golf…..20150805_115650 and here are the comments that immediately followed:

Seriously? You’ve never played??

EXACTLY what the person above asked / said…


Ditto!! LOL.

Ever? How is that even possible?

Lisa, this is the shocker of the day!!

You got me “first time playing miniature golf”….

You’re kidding?

Who knew that I had been missing out on something that apparently was “a rite of passage at the Jersey shore” according to another friend. So here we were at the Jersey shore and I was finally going to have a go at it.

It was pretty difficult trying to use just the right amount of pressure with that club to hit the ball. My husband reminded me it wasn’t baseball and the club wasn’t a bat.sandpitThen trying to line up the ball with the hole which was sometimes hidden out of sight. The first few holes it took me between 8 and 10 times to get the ball in. By the time I got to the 10th hole things started to improve and it was taking 3 tries, and the last few holes only 2. Final score: Husband: 55, Me: 70. As my husband said, it would have been a good score for bowling. The score didn’t matter, it had been loads of fun, the course located on the boardwalk facing the ocean, the sun was bright and I had done something I had never done before. FORE!20150805_12091220150805_122732


20 thoughts on “FORE! First Time For Miniature Golf

  1. I love playing. The first time I played was on my first ever date. Later, my ex and I would play whenever we were on a trip, that is until I started to get good and started beating him. I haven’t played in ages, maybe ten years, but I really enjoyed it when I did.

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  2. That is great! As long as we’re breathing, it’s never too late to try new things. And you had a good time too! Even better. I just had my first Twinkie 3 years ago. It was gross, but at least I can say I’ve eaten one.

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