Hot Town, Summer in the City

I was in New York City this week, on a day when the heat soared to 92 and with the humidity it felt over 100 and like you could barely breathe. The heat makes the city feel like it is closing in on you, the streets are more crowded with tourists, there seem to be more homeless people on every block. As  I walked along I kept seeing people involved in the tasks of their jobs- lifting, climbing, pushing, despite the the heat, they needed to do what they needed to do, regardless of the weather.


Unlike me, who had a chance to stop on the pedestrian plaza on Broadway and take in the realistic sculptures by Seward Johnson. From a distance you do a double take.

012014010I was attempting to take a selfie with this statue when a woman walking by offered to take it for me- one of those great NY moments where a total stranger offers a smile and hand.20150721_114214

8 thoughts on “Hot Town, Summer in the City

  1. How long have those statues been there? They are great! Even better that they are “dressed” in days long past. I remember when I lived and worked in the city. August was the worst for humidity. Get out of the shower in the morning and by the time you got dressed you needed another shower!


    • The city is no place to be when it’s humid!! The statues were only there for a few months- a traveling exhibit- The Grounds for Sculpture is a wonderful place full of the statues created by Seward Johnson if you make your way to NJ!


    • Glad you saw them too- they are startling in their life likeness. There is a place in NJ called The Sculpture Garden-gardens filled with his statues, I hope to get there as a day trip one day

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  2. Fantastic photos, Lisa. There’s nowhere else on earth like NYC. I remember being there in July. I could feel the heat from the tarmac, right through the soles of my shoes. The sculptures are so amazing. Are you sure that you’re real? 🙂


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