World Of Wings-A Day With The Butterflies

Yesterday we visited a wonderful place called World of Wings. It is a “butterfly museum” with many exhibits about butterflies and a 3D movie about the Monarch butterflies that every autumn fly 3000 miles from the northeastern U.S. and Canada to their ancestral wintering grounds in the mountains of central Mexico. It was very interesting. My favorite place in the museum was the large glass atrium that contained  tropical plants, trees, and flowers to help support the many different species of butterflies that were flitting about and flying around us. There were also beautiful exotic birds flying and landing and not bothered at all by the people milling about. We walked the small path around the atrium and then just sat on a bench taking in the “action” all around us.

16 thoughts on “World Of Wings-A Day With The Butterflies

  1. We used to get thousands of monarchs passing through here during migration, but you see almost none of them. The food — the milkweed — has been plowed under by farmers so there’s nothing for them to eat. They ONLY eat milkweed, so without it, there’s nothing to support the population. I planted a dozen milkweed plants this year. I don’t know if they are going to make it, but it was the least (only thing) I could do.


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