Camera Crazy

I have always loved taking photos. I was the one who always had the camera on vacations, taking roll upon roll of film back in the days when we used film. I can remember being on a tour in Europe back in the 1980’s and always having extra rolls with me so I wouldn’t run out if we were touring all day. I took roll upon roll of film, forgetting about what the cost would be for developing all those rolls. Quite a shock the day I picked them up, when it came to hundreds of dollars. Well worth it though as the photos help solidify in my brain the moments from that trip and allow me to relive it when I take the album out.

When I started blogging I was amazed at the photos people posted and the challenges for photographs. I began to look at things through different eyes, sizing up a shot, listening to the tips blogging photographers shared, taking closer notice  and paying closer attention. I could hear Marilyn Armstrong’s voice (over at her blog Serendipity,) in my head as I sized up a shot, saying to take in the whole setting, look at what will be behind what you are focusing on, do you want a chain link fence in your photo? Something I had not thought of before while I was focused on capturing my subject. I have had the same Sony Cybershot for probably close to 10 years, it has served me well, but was no longer cutting it for me when I wanted to start taking more photos of nature and wildlife, specifically birds. Time had come to get a “real” camera. I did some research about the basics that were needed for wildlife photography, and I did have a budget to stay within, not yet ready to make an enormous purchase.

This week I purchased a Nikon P530 and today sat in my backyard, threw some bread out for the birds, and waited. I am still getting comfortable with holding the camera, and have only used the automatic setting for now. I intend to take a class to help learn my way around all the functions, which do seem endless! Here are some of the birds that visited my yard today- I am amazed at the detail that is captured, my Cybershot was never able to get such detail with its small zoom capabilities. Feel free to offer any pointers- suggestions welcome!012011034027026

28 thoughts on “Camera Crazy

  1. Oh you are going to have fun! I remember when I purchased my camera and am ready to get another one too. Taking pictures is so much fun! Your first pictures with your new camera are beautiful!

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  2. Advice: Get one or two EXTRA BATTERIES and a charger. They make and sell modestly priced after-market batteries for every camera. You’ll find them on Amazon. Super-zooms eat batteries and talk about frustrating … you’ve got the shot lined up and the battery dies. Batteries don’t give you any warning, either. The camera simply shuts down. Always have another battery!

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    • thank you for that advice, sure enough I drove to a local park the other day, took 2 shots and the battery died. I went directly home and charged it up- took 4 hours. Will be heeding your advice!!


  3. Anyone who like photography as much as you deserves a camera can take excellent pictures. After all, we put the same amount of effort into taking pictures no matter what camera we are using and it’s such a disappointment when the camera is not able to get the picture. Frustrating. I looked up the Nikon P530. It’s a lot like my Panasonic super-zoom. Check out YouTube to see if anyone has posted videos on using it. These cameras are not really point & shoot. They are more like real DSLRs — what they call “bridge cameras.”

    Garry uses one pretty much exclusively. I use my Panny super-zoom any time I think I may encounter nature. Being able to zoom in on a bird on a branch hundreds of feet distant is incredibly satisfying, especially when the picture is sharp and it looks like you were standing right next to him. It takes a bit of practice to learn to hold it steady with the lens extended. A little bit of motion goes a long way when you are using a super-zoom.

    I’m VERY happy for you. I’ll be expecting wonderful things 🙂

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    • thanks Marilyn! You hit it when you said it is satisfying to see a photo come out sharp and with details from so many feet away! I feel like a klutz when holding it- will take some practice, which I look forward to. Thank you for your encouragement! 🙂


  4. Earlier this year I decided it was time for a ‘big girl’ camera and I have had more fun taking pics of birds and other little critters. Ended up putting up some bird feeders off my deck. And so enjoy capturing their little faces and expressions! Have fun with your new toy!!

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    • Thanks John- I didn’t want something where you had to changed the lens to om and I wanted to spend only up to $300- so this seemed like a good fit. It was also recommended when I read up about wildlife photography. I am still very awkward with it!!

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      • A week will have you expert on the camera. I would like a new Canon with changeable lenses but that’s out of reach for a while. booo hissss!!

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      • Really long lenses are formidably expensive even if you HAVE an interchangeable lens camera. It’s really cheaper to buy the camera. MUCH cheaper and actually, I think you get a better lens.

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      • I knew I wasn’t the type to want to change lenses, I just wanted to be able to take a shot when I see it, and have the zoom be able to zoom to get a close up in nature. This seemed portable enough and a step up from my old sony cybershot


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