Phone Fun

I got a new smart phone about 6 months ago and am still discovering all the bells and whistles it has. I have watched many youtube videos of what it can do but still seem not to have discovered everything yet. While scrolling through the settings the other day I found that I can set it to take a photo by just saying “SMILE” and not have to touch the screen or button. Voice recognition – amazing.

Then while using one of the camera apps I inadvertently hit something I hadn’t meant to and discovered another new option-Dual Camera. I can take a photo of the background while taking a photo of the foreground. There are different options such as split screen, fish eye, or different shapes. I had fun playing with it.



I used the split screen for this one, on the left is the view behind me, on the right the view in front of me

Here we wanted to send a photo to someone but couldn’t all fit into a selfie so my daughter and I chose a heart shape to be part of the photo with her father and son.

dualcameraI wonder if I will ever really discover all the capabilities the phone holds, but will keep on scrolling to find out!

20 thoughts on “Phone Fun

  1. I remember the day when I got my smart phone, I as playing with it and had fun…and then it rung. I couldn’t figure out how to answer quickly enough. It took me a while to get used to it. Much stuff on there I will never use, but the rest is fun.


  2. I am glad you are having fun with your new phone. I bought a smartphone and within a day it had just about been thrown out the window. I hate it. Mind you I only use it for a phone no internet. I like the text system better than my Samsung flip top. But that’s all I like. Sometimes when you push on the phone icon to make a call it comes up with the numbers, sometimes it comes up with my contacts. It never does the same thing twice. I wish I had never seen it. And I have now had it for twelve months and still hate it. It is so sensitive if while talking on the phone you move it away from our ear a fraction it lets the light in and cuts you off the phone. But…. glad you enjoy your one.


    • They can be a cause for consternation- yesterday my husband’s phone wasn’t getting incoming calls- turns out it was set on airplane mode- though he had never set it there. Very sensitive to the touch I guess 🙂 I have a Samsung Galaxy s5 .

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