From Trash to Treasure

Yesterday we visited an amazing park within what is called The Meadowlands District in New Jersey. Back in the 1970s this area held over 50 landfills. Lands that previously had been used for grazing and the harvesting of salt hay were being used for landfills where for years unregulated dumping of solid waste took place. These unregulated landfills had a drastic impact on the ecosystem – harming the birds, fish, mammals and other wildlife that had once been abundant. Beginning in 2001 a commission was formed and regulation of landfills began. The landfills were cleaned, and more than 3,500 acres of environmentally sensitive wetlands were restored and are now protected. As a result, the Meadowlands District today is filled once again with wildlife.The Marsh Discovery Trail is a half-mile-long floating boardwalk that allows visitors to cross over the tidal marsh and walk directly through it. It also has excellent views of the New York City skyline. We enjoyed traversing it.

NYC skyline is in the distance under the haze


The Freedom Tower in the distance
The Freedom Tower in the distance

As we walked along the path an Egret walked along with us looking for his lunch.

8 thoughts on “From Trash to Treasure

  1. Great views, and to see the beautiful new tower so far away too. I would love to visit it. It’s great that the land was reclaimed and now thrives with life, landfills are needed but the locations chosen can sometimes be ridiculous. An example in Michigan where I grew up is right next to where the Detroit Pistons home stadium is, is a mountainous landfill, much higher than the stadium. Dumb!

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    • To destroy nature and natural habitats for wildlife is crazy- it is remarkable that the area is now teeming with birds. What a lovely sight that must be in Detroit! NOT!


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