Sunday Fun Day Happenings

My husband and I spent the morning on a bird watching walk with a local chapter of the Audubon Society. We visited a beautiful area of restored wetlands. We walked along stopping to listen and watch the birds, spotting many Cormorans in the water and an Osprey through one of the telescopes that was set up. We saw a few Snowy Egrets and I learned the difference between a Heron and an Egret. (Legs, feet and bills)

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Next we headed to a local flea market. I would say there was an over abundance of trash compared to what might have been considered treasure. It literally looked like people had emptied their attics and basements, grabbed a few old blankets to lay the stuff out on, and hoped to make a few dollars. There were a few tables that made me wistful when I came upon them, reminding me of my childhood, my grandmother. She collected china figurines, I mostly remember the animals. This table made me think of her068067Then I came upon old rotary phones, remembering those long coiled receiver chords that I would stretch to infinity shutting myself in a room off our kitchen with the chord smashed flat in the door, so no one could listen in on my conversation. The endless sound of the rotary dial as it found its way back to its original position after dialing each number. The last four digits of our home number were 098, and it took forever to dial when I needed to call home.061 054I spotted a box of old photos, wondering whose faces those were looking back at me, what happened to their families that they now lie heaped in a box waiting to be bought for a quarter. As quickly as the thought came to mind I answered my own question, realizing that after I’m gone our old family photos will share the same fate, that most likely no one in future generations will take an interest in knowing who the people were that came before them, the events in their lives. Just names with dates that share no connection to the present. A sad and sobering thought. 066 065

As we were leaving the flea market we came upon a box of stuffed animals- Beanie Babies, which were all the rage years ago. Lying there on top was a white stork. We rescued him from the box, buying him for a dollar, a souvenir to remember our morning bird watching walk. Perfect .060

16 thoughts on “Sunday Fun Day Happenings

  1. Wow, what interesting collections to come across! the telephone sure has evolved over the years. Good find with the stuffed birdie! Where I live we see snowy egrets and blue herons quite frequently. One year a huge flock of herons managed to hang out by the public pool one sunny winter day. I’ll have to see if I still have the photo!


  2. After a while you get “an eye” for the flea markets. As you said, sometimes it’s just a collection of trash and we can spot it from a mile, other times there are real treasures and we spend hours there. Sad to see old family photos on a table isn’t it?


    • As we walked up to this flea market we could see it was not going to be a real winner, but there were some interesting old glass pieces I enjoyed looking at. The photos always make me said, I linger over them and look at the names.

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  3. Granny and Grandpaw love to visit the flea markets too and they always bring something for me. She remembers pictures like that of her grandmother and wonders if her grandchildren will look at her pictures, when she was young, the same way as she does at these old pictures. Beautiful surroundings and pictures, DM 🙂 Pawkisses for a Lovely Day 🙂 ❤

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  4. Sssshhhhhhhhhh click click click click…… I remember using the rotary system. Boy was the touch tone phone a great upgrade! And a Princess at that!! Indeed, a very sobering and sad fate awaits our old photos.

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