Serendipity Photo Prompt:Early

I am an early riser. I am off from school all summer and people have asked if I am sleeping late which makes me laugh. 6:30 would be late for me, as my usual time to rise is between 5 and 6. I love the quiet of the early morning, the sound of the birds, the first light of day. I will often take a walk to my favorite pond to listen to the sounds of nature there, and feel the intensity of the sun on my back as it rises full. It centers me for the day, helps set the tone before the rush and responsibilities kick in.


Serendipity Photo Prompt:Early

15 thoughts on “Serendipity Photo Prompt:Early

  1. I’m an earlier bird in the summer as well, Lisa, but not out and about like you. I let Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle out into the backyard before 6:30, grab my first cup of coffee, and am addressing my blog work and freelance duries pronto.


  2. I like early mornings, too. I don’t usually get up but I’ll be awake and I’ll read or go online and start my day off with a couple of hours of early blogging. It’s always very quiet here but early mornings are particularly quiet with lots of birds chirping to keep me happy.


  3. Lovely morning pictures. “Early” was when I got up for 40 years. Now I revel in sleeping in … which I what I call somewhere between 8:30 and 9. I’d aim for later, but my body says “get up” and I comply. Fortunately, there’s coffee. It fuels the possibilities of the day.


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