Bench Series

During month of June, Jude wants to see photos with some post-processing – she says we should use our imagination, it can be subtle or bold as long as it includes a bench or even part of a bench!

I used two different processing effects, using a spotlight effect to shed some light on the person


Here is the original029

Travel Words Sunday Bench Series

15 thoughts on “Bench Series

  1. I normally dislike photo-manipulation, but I have to say that this comic-book effect works so well, it made a refreshing change from most post-processing I see.
    Best wishes, Pete.


    • Thank you so much- I had never used post processing until this challenge came up- and for this I used a few different effects until I got something I liked. I am glad you liked it!


  2. This is an amazing transformation! looks as if it is from a comic book and I like the light on your hubby. The whole process makes the scene light up and the textures come out, especially the bench. Love this ❤


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