Daily Prompt:Happily Ever After

Daily Prompt: Happily Ever After “And they lived happily ever after.” Think about this line for a few minutes. Are you living happily ever after? If not, what will it take for you to get there?

This month is our Anniversary. 24 years. Hard to believe it as it feels like yesterday but also feels like there was never a time we weren’t married. I didn’t get married until was 33, and had no unrealistic expectations about marriage being some fairy tale that you entered into. My husband had been married before and was pretty clear on what he didn’t want the second time around, both in the marriage and the person he was marrying.  I wrote about it in a previous daily prompt, here it is:

Wedding 1991
Wedding 1991

The first time I met him, let’s just say I was hoping I wouldn’t have to have much contact with him in the future. I had come for an interview for a job with a company that was part of two larger businesses. The interview with the man I would work for went well, as did my meeting with the two other bosses of those businesses. Then they brought in the Comptroller to meet me, and he questioned me relentlessly. So many picayune questions, on and on he went.They finally told him “Enough! hire her, she’s perfect,” and that was that. Who was this guy who was so “exacting”- so into details, such a pain? Well that man would end up being the love of my life.

He was “so not my type.” He seemed very inflexible, very on the straight and narrow, fit the description of an accountant to a tee if you know what I mean. We worked together for a few years but didn’t have much interaction unless there was an issue with my paycheck. I left the company a few years later.

Fast forward eight years. He divorced and moved into the apartment complex I was living in. I invited him for dinner as he didn’t know anyone and I thought it would be a friendly thing to do. I found that he really wasn’t that “straight & narrow” guy, he was interesting and full of life under that facade he seemed to be presenting to the world. He was spontaneous and constantly seeking out new experiences and learning opportunities. He had the best smile and the greatest laugh. His cup was always half full. We talked endlessly about everything. We became friends, which slowly evolved into knowing we wanted to be together forever.

Does love change as the years go on? Now 23 years later when I find myself in a crowd of people, looking at him through the objective eyes of an observer, I can’t help but smile as I watch him interact with someone and make them laugh. I look at him thinking he is the most handsome man in the room and how sharp he looks in his suit. Still loving that smile that hooked me so many years ago. Knowing I am blessed that we are together.

That to me is what love is all about.

21 thoughts on “Daily Prompt:Happily Ever After

  1. Happy Anniversary…!! What a beautiful love story! I found my happiness later in life… It’s not too late to live happily ever after!


  2. Congratulations on 24 years. You know your are the exception to all the statistics out there. Your husband does have a great smile; he doesn’t just smile–his whole face smiles! I like that. 😀

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