Be (There)-The Daily Prompt

The Daily Prompt:To be, to have, to think, to move — which of these verbs is the one you feel most connected to? Or is there another verb that characterizes you better?

Move, think, do, be there(which is a verb and adverb) I suppose would best describe me. I like to be busy, to move- get up early, out to the gym, run errands, I can’t stand sitting around wasting time. Sure there are times when I don’t move from the computer for hours, but that is usually only after I have accomplished something during the day.

Think is something I tend to do too much of. As in perseverate. Over think, continue to think about, analyze, dissect. It is a slippery slope once I get something into my head and can’t let it go. Around and around it goes, I forget for a bit but then it pops back up, there for me to ruminate on some more. Obsess over. I am my own worst enemy. I do feel it is better to think than to go through life just getting by and glossing over things. We grow by thinking. We learn by thinking. We can become better people by thinking.


Be there has become more important to me as I have gotten older. Make the effort, show up, support. I have seen too many missed opportunities for people. They “should have” and then it is too late. Last night my niece was being honored at a Dinner hosted by an organization who was recognizing her for the charity work she does. It was an hours drive from where I live, and at night way past when I am usually in my pajamas watching my favorite shows. I drove with another niece who works full time and has 5 children. Going out in the evening is something she does not do, she too is early to bed not to mention exhausted by the evening. As we drove together talking about how we normally are not out past dark, she said, “by tomorrow I will have forgotten how long the drive was and that I got home so late, but Amy (the guest of honor) will always remember we were there for her.”  That’s what it is all about.

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