Daily Prompt- Unexpected Guest-Impromptu Sleepover

The Daily Prompt reminded me of an unexpected guest incident way back when I was in high school. My BFF Alice,and I had been out very late on a Saturday night, and decided at the last minute she should sleep over at my house. I shared a bedroom with my sister, so we quietly entered the room in the darkness and shushed her when she wanted to know what was going on. We also did not want to wake my sleeping parents, especially my mother who was not a fan of spur of the moment guests or surprises. We squished ourselves into my single bed, and fell asleep. My mother was an early riser, and her feeling was always, “If I’m up, everyone is up.” She thought nothing of barging into our room most Saturday mornings with the vacuum roaring into life under our beds and on the carpet. This morning she chose to come in a pull all the shades up to let in the light. My friend figured the jig would be up. But my mother left the room, calling us down for breakfast as she went. A half an hour later we found our way down to the kitchen, at which point my mother said to Alice, “Oh good morning- I didn’t see you come in! Sit down and join us!” Alice and I looked at one another and cracked up- my mother hadn’t even noticed the extra person in my bed. We fessed up and all had a good laugh.

18 thoughts on “Daily Prompt- Unexpected Guest-Impromptu Sleepover

  1. That is so funny! Good for you for fessing up too. A lot of people would have just went along with it. I’m glad it ended well. It’s certainly better to be honest.


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