Daily Prompt -Dating Disaster

DAILY PROMPT – Third Rate Romance.

 Tell us your funniest relationship disaster story.


Looking back, I still can’t find the humor in a relationship disaster story. I did have some really bad dates, which I would not consider “relationships”, but will share one here anyway. It happened over 25 years ago but will forever be ingrained in my memory.

My date shows up at my apartment, I open the door to find the person standing there is shorter than me, and I am only 5′ 2″. First thought that runs through my mind is I am going to kill the person that set us up who told me “he isn’t that short, and you’re short anyway, so I’m sure it will be ok.” I invite him in while I get my coat and he is visually taking in my apartment and asks, “You live alone?”  (The alone was said in an incredulous manner) Uh, yes, thinking to myself, I’m 31, not so strange. But just reply, with Yes, I do. He then asks, “Who cooks for you?” At which point I am ready to take off my coat and tell him the date is over. Who cooks for me???? What planet was this guy living on? Maybe his mother was still cooking for him, I don’t know. We get in the car and the guy proceeds to drive recklessly and well over the speed limit, weaving in and out of traffic for the next half hour. We go to a small restaurant, where he decides we should just order a drink and appetizer. I have no recollection of any conversation except when we finished our appetizers he asked for the check and then proceeded to ask me to pay for my half. In retrospect it is kind of funny in a crazy way, and makes me thankful everyday for my husband having rescued me from more disasters like this.

24 thoughts on “Daily Prompt -Dating Disaster

  1. Well, we have to look back and laugh at those bad memories, right? This actually jogged a similar memory of mine, where the guy ordered one meal and decided we were going to share it. And no, we weren’t teenagers either!

    This was a funny story. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Was it Napoleon??? hahahaah oh dear …I haven’t had horror date stories..just horrid boyfriends..one (when I was 18) told his best mate he could have me if a court appearance sent him to jail bwahahhaa talk about being sold out…the one that got away…thankfully bwahahah 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx


  3. Reminds me of a disaster of my own from a few years back. I was doing online dating and met a wonderful person from a small town in another state. I tried to be careful when dating online and would always try to make sure the person was real and who they said they were. Well I could find nothing on this lady until one day she slipped and used a different last name in the conversation. I found a news video of her being arrested in her front room live on t.v.. Needless to say I also found her mug shot on the sheriffs website and forwarded her a copy with no note attached. I am so glad I don’t have to date anyone but my wife now!


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