Daily Prompt: The Heat is On-Pressure

The Daily Prompt asks:

Do you thrive under pressure or crumble at the thought of it? Does your best stuff surface as the deadline approaches or do you need to iterate, day after day to achieve something you’re proud of? Tell us how you work best. 


I don’t thrive under pressure, nor do I crumble under it. I am a planner. I like to plan ahead, make lists, show up prepared. I am organized. I am not a last minute person. I take care of what I know I have to take care of before the deadline, in advance. Maybe it is all part of my need to feel I am in control of things, but I know I feel better when I feel I have things under control. But….if I need to, I can work under pressure.

Just last week, (through no fault of mine) the woman I work with informed me she “must have overlooked the email” that was sent to her telling her a project needed to be done by March 1st. It was now March 3rd. So I needed to scurry around, put her ideas into motion and literally design something and then make it. I did it, because when I go into overdrive I get super focused and I am fast. But I hate to have to work that way. I finished and was proud that I pulled it off, but also felt like I had spent an hour in a tornado.

So I guess I don’t crumble under pressure, but it is certainly not how I choose to function in my daily life. I don’t agonize over making decisions about things, I just take care of them. Being under pressure signals to me a loss of control, and allows for errors to be made if the pressure is causing a person to rush. If possible- I avoid it!!

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